WEBINAR - Locoregional breast cancer therapy

🎗️ Join us for an insightful webinar on burning questions in breast cancer treatment!
WEBINAR - Locoregional breast cancer therapy
The program will focus on answering three questions that are top-of-mind for breast cancer teams that aim to optimize their patients’ quality of life while ensuring optimal oncologic outcomes:

☢ Is a radiotherapy boost over the resection zone still needed in all patients? (Prof. Philip Poortmans)
🔪 How can oncoplastic surgery provide the best cosmetic and oncologic outcomes? (Prof. Moustapha Hamdi)
📸 Can intraoperative imaging aid surgeons to improve surgical success rates? (Dr. Menekse Göker)

The webinar will be chaired by prof. Marian Vanhoeij and promises to be an enlightening discussion for all professionals involved in breast cancer treatment. We are excited to bring together a panel of experts in the field who will provide their point of view.

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