We are Xeos

Our goal is to eliminate the risk of resurgery through smarter specimen imaging. Therefore, we are focused on improving outcomes in surgical oncology through innovations in intraoperative imaging.

Founded in Ghent in 2019, we have grown to become a team of 22 bright and passionate minds, revolutionizing the performance of specimen imaging and supporting surgical confidence.

We host a wealth of competence in the medical device industry, medical image reconstruction and processing, and fundamental scientific research. We hold a strong track record of inhouse PET & CT design. We are adepts of molecular imaging.

We are Xeos
The power of molecular imaging

The power of molecular imaging

XEOS wants to tackle the limitations of today’s available imaging techniques applied in surgical oncology, by using the transformative power of molecular Imaging intra-operatively.

XEOS AURA specimen imager brings a new imaging system that uses high-resolution Positron Emission tomography (PET) with X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) imaging. This method relies on the high sensitivity of PET radiotracer uptake for detecting metabolically active tissue and on the delineation of the anatomical margins of the specimen using CT.

This approach is transforming specimen imaging, allowing surgical oncologists to operate with more clarity and confidence.

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Xeos values


We have the ambition to surpass ordinary standards. Therefore, we deliver solutions and services with an outstanding fit for intended purpose, inherently safe and performant. With evident appreciation for aesthetics and taste.


We are committed to being wholeheartedly devoted to the company, out of own volition and motivation. Willingly committing time and energy, we create an intellectual and emotional bond to our mission and vision.


We aim to move and adapt efficiently and effectively. While integrating skills such as coordination speed, alertness, flexibility, vigilance and endurance, we enable optimal responsiveness to continuously changing situations.


We do things in an open way without secrecy, both internally and externally, between employees and towards suppliers and customers. We communicate with a clear voice to ensure our message is understood and honest feedback is received.

Meet the team

Roel Van Holen
Chief Executive Officer, co-founder
Vincent Keereman
Chief Medical Officer, co-founder
Jared Moore
Principal Scientist
Bjorn Delbeecke
Head of Quality & Regulatory Affairs and Legal
Maarten Bamelis
Software Engineer
Phebe De Coene
Quality & Regulatory Affairs Specialist / Data Protection Officer / Information Security Officer
Hagen Derde
Business Development Manager
Stéphanie Droesbeke
HR Manager
Luna Maris
Research Engineer
Jakob Roelandt
Head of R&D
Steven Van Brabandt
Service Engineer
Leen Van de Sande
Clinical Scientist / Radiation Protection Officer
Gert Van Hoey
Expert Software Engineer
Guillem Vela
Software Engineer
Jonathan Vervaeke
Senior Software Engineer
Anneleen Kiekens
Clinical Scientist
Lieze De Witte
Administrative Assistant
Tom Van Quaethem
Hardware Engineer
Eva Roos
Operations Manager
Petar Petrov
Software Engineer
Natacha Sweert
Clinical Relationship & Business Development Manager

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