The AURA 10 PET-CT specimen imager

The AURA 10 imager allows your surgical team to perform high-precision imaging intraoperatively.


The first PET-CT specimen imager for the OR

The XEOS AURA 10 is the first-ever PET-CT Specimen Imager for the OR, offering surgeons and imaging specialists the sensitivity of PET imaging, combined with submillimeter spatial resolution.

AURA 10 has made molecular imaging available in the OR. As a result, surgeons and imaging specialists have never been able to perform specimen imaging with so much confidence. Ultimately, patients will be the ones who benefit.

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Powerful medical imaging processing

Once acquired, you want your PET-CT images to be reconstructed and visualized fast and accurately. With the Aura Flow visualization and reconstruction engine, your clip verification images are available within 30 seconds, and the reconstructed high-resolution CT after only 3 minutes. Metal artifact correction avoids any image disturbance due to clips in the CT image. Your PET images are available within 10 minutes after data acquisition.

Aura Flow allows you to zoom in on your co-registered PET and CT images and to make annotations. You can also measure, scroll through slices, rotate the image, adapt the window level, and much more. The DICOM interface assures data compatibility.

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Powerful medical imaging processing

AURA 10 obtains CE marking

The AURA 10 Specimen Imager for the operating room by Belgian MedTech company XEOS has been awarded CE marking, confirming that the product conforms with European health, safety and environmental protection standards. The AURA 10 is now fully ready to make its way onto the European market.

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AURA 10 obtains CE marking

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