Imaging Case 13:
Angioblastic T-cell Lymphoma - Biopsy

18F-FDG PET-CT imaging is a common tool used to stage lymphoproliferative diseases. The final diagnosis is dependent on histopathological confirmation. Ideally, this confirmation should be obtained from the sites exhibiting the highest metabolic activity. Depending on the lymph node’s location, prelevation of the relevant tissue can be challenging. Depending on the location of the lymph node to be biopsied, it can be a challenge to obtain a representative sample. If postoperative analysis shows that the sample is not representative, the patient may need to undergo a second surgery to establish the diagnosis.

In this clinical case, we illustrate how specimen PET-CT imaging can be used to ensure that a representative biopsy is obtained. The case is presented with the support of dr. Valérie Vergucht and prof. dr. Bieke Lambert of AZ Maria Middelares, Ghent, Belgium.

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Imaging Case 13:Angioblastic T-cell Lymphoma - Biopsy

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